looking after your dog clippers

To give your dog clippers blade a longer life always remember to oil them after each use. oiling the dog clippers blade keeps them from wearing as much and keeps the
 clippers blade clean and prevents rust and stops them from jamming. Always use an oil that is specifically made for your dog clippers blade.

Before you clip your dog it is best to bath it first. this gets rid of most of the mud and dirt. because if you use your dog clippers on a dog that is muddy the dog clippers blade will wear out quicker because of the friction between the blades caused by the mud or stuff in the dogs hair. always remember to dry your dog first but before you start clipping, with a hair dryer etc

When you are using your dog clippers always check to see if the dog clippers blade is getting hot. never let it get hot this is bad for your dog clippers blade as the blade will blunt quicker and is sore on your dog. Sum people check it against there cheak or a soft piece of skin ( like a babies bottle ). if you feel the dog clippers blade getting hot cool it down with dog clippers coolant
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