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If you have a dog that requires a lot of trips to the groomer, well you no that it can be expensive. so maybe you are here thinking about buying your own dog clippers and clipping your dog yourself and saving money on professional dog grooming services. By purchasing a set of dog clippers and grooming your dog at home you can save not just money but you and your dog the

choosing the right dog clippers

Before you go and purchase your dog clippers you might want to do a bit of research first, to find out which dog clippers are right for you. because there are different styles and types of dog clippers and some dog clippers are intended for different uses and dogs. sum dog clippers are

dog clippers blades are numbered

If you look at your dog clipper blade you should see a num. the num is usually found at the bottom. this will tell you the size of the blade. the bigger the number the shorter the cut.
So different size dog clipper blades will cut hair to different lengths

looking after your dog clippers

To give your dog clippers blade a longer life always remember to oil them after each use. oiling the dog clippers blade keeps them from wearing as much and keeps the
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